Right-of-Way Maintenance

SVEC recognizes that trees are beneficial in accenting our homes, beautifying our communities and increasing property values. However, trees growing in the wrong place can also be very dangerous or damaging. Trees can block our ability to see along roadways, they can crack sidewalks or clog drain lines and they can cause power outages.

Trees contacting power lines and other electric facilities are the main cause of power outages, especially during severe weather events. To prevent interruptions to your electric service, SVEC has a year-round vegetation management program designed to reduce tree-related outages and shorten the duration of outages when they occur.

The program is cycle-based and integrated to provide our managers with the tools they need to keep the lights on. Vegetation management is a long term process that will resolve the conflict between trees and power lines when tree trimming, tree removal brush clearing and herbicide applications are used to maintain our rights-of-way. Although we cannot storm proof, we can, with your help, reduce the costly damage and hazardous conditions caused when trees grow into or fall onto our facilities. Please, consider replacing tall growing trees under the power lines with low-growing ornamentals.

Emerald Ash Borer

To learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer and why the infestation of this insect requires vegetation management: