Beat the Peak

Beat the Peak Intro Video

What is a Peak?

  • The amount of electricity that members of Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative collectively use varies during the course of the year and even from hour to hour in a given day
  • But there are certain times when electricity usage spikes up as members all use more power at the same time
  • These high usage periods are called “peaks”

When Peaks Appear

Peaks are most likely to happen on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

  • When temperatures outside get too uncomfortable, SVEC members adjust their heating or air conditioning at roughly the same time
  • This creates periods when electricity consumption is highest – a “peak” in demand

“Shoulder” Temperature Months

Peaks might also occur in “shoulder” temperature months that are not as hot or cold. Why do we still Beat the Peak then?

  • Just like you get a power bill from us every month, we get a power bill from our power supplier (ODEC) every month
  • Our power bill has a peak demand component where we are billed on our highest peak for that month
  • We are beating the peak every month (even these mild temperature “shoulder” months) to keep our power bill as low as possible
  • This will keep your power bill as low as possible

Controlling Costs

To control costs, we have to Beat the Peak.

  • Your cooperative pays the highest rates for electricity during these peaks since demand for power is highest.
  • If SVEC needs to buy too much electricity at these peak rates over the course of a year, it can begin to impact the rates.
  • Sign up for Beat the Peak today and help hold down costs

 How Beat the Peak Works

  • The Beat the Peak program is a simple way to help keep costs down for you and every member of the cooperative
  • Beat the Peak is free to join, completely voluntary, and you can end your participation at any time

Receive Alerts Notifying You of Peak Periods

  • Once you sign up for the Beat the Peak program, you will receive alerts shortly before the Cooperative anticipates a period of peak demand
  • You can choose to receive these alerts by text message and/or email*
  • To opt-out of Beat the Peak, please call 800-234-7832
  • A member service representative will be happy to update your account and stop further alerts

*Participants are responsible for any SMS, cell phone minutes or data charges that may be assessed by your carrier, per your phone plan.

Reduce Your Electricity Use During Peaks

  • When you receive the alert, try to reduce your usage of electricity
  • Every bit helps – whether it is using fewer appliances, turning down your heating or air conditioning, or shutting off unneeded lights
  • There are lots of ways to help Beat the Peak!

Ways to Beat the Peak

Here are a few simple actions you can take to help Beat the Peak:

Reduce Usage of Your Heating or Air Conditioning System

  • During a cold weather peak period, try turning your thermostat down to 65º F or cooler
  • During a warm weather peak period try turning your thermostat to 75º F or warmer

Turn Off All Unnecessary Lights

  • Not only will this reduce electricity demand, during the summer it may reduce an additional source of heat

Delay use of Appliances

  • Wait until the peak period passes to run the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, stove or oven

Do not limit yourself to just these ideas. Anything you do that reduces your use of electricity during these periods helps Beat the Peak.

Member Testimonial Videos

Check out the videos below for testimonials from some of our members who participate in Beat the Peak.

Privacy Policy for Beat the Peak Program

Any information you provide to Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative as part of your participation in Beat the Peak will only be used to send you Beat the Peak notifications or other information related to the program. We will protect your personal information using reasonable security safeguards against loss, theft, or other unauthorized access or usage.