Solar/Net Metering

How Net Metering Works

Net metering is a program that is used to measure and value the net energy production of member-owned generation. At SVEC, net energy metering is an arrangement between the cooperative and a member.

Interested in Net Metering?

Net Metering Information

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How to Get Started

Are you a member who is interested in net metering? The full interconnection process can be found in the Distributed Resource Integration Requirements (PDF), or by following the steps below.

All net-metering inquiries and applications should be emailed to SVEC.

For additional information on rules and regulations, please view the State Corporation Commission’s Order Adopting Regulations by clicking Order Adopting Regulations (PDF).

How Sunlight Becomes Solar Power

Sun to Solar Panel

When sunlight hits the solar panels, direct current is created

Solar Panel to Inverter

Direct current from the panels goes to an inverter, converting it to alternating current

Inverter to House

Alternating current sent from the inverter to an electrical panel distributes electricity throughout the house

Meter to Grid

If you produce more power than you actually use, the excess power is fed back into the electric grid, and SVEC credits your account

Additional Information

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