Surge Suppression

Protect your motor-driven or resistance-heated electrical equipment with a TESCO Surge Protection System offered by SVEC. An electrical surge is a very brief period of high voltage, and is the most damaging of power disturbances. Surges may be caused by several things, such as lightning strikes, storms, falling tree limbs, and auto accidents.

The TESCO Surge Protection System offers protection for items such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, range/stove, dishwasher, trash compactor, sink disposal, central vacuum, security system, garage door opener, ceiling fan, room air conditioner, electric hot heating, HVAC, water softener, and others. Computers are covered, but there are other ways lightning can get to the computer. The warranty only covers if lightning comes through the electrical connection.

For more information and warranty restrictions, call SVEC, or stop by your local district office. The meter-based device remains the property of SVEC. This service is accompanied by the manufacturers down line repair or replacement warranty. Click on the link below for warranty information.

Surge Suppression Form (PDF Document 120 KB)

TESCO Residential Warranty (PDF Document 371 KB)