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Surge Suppression

If you have an electrical surge, you are probably aware of the damage it can cause to your electronics and home appliances. An electrical surge is an unavoidable, brief period of high voltage.

Surges can be one of the most damaging power disturbances and can be caused by both natural and manmade events. Natural events include lightning strikes, storms with heavy winds and fallen trees. Manmade events include auto accidents or other incidents that cause a disruption to the electric distribution system as well as electrical operation or misoperation of appliances or devices in your home or home office.

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative offers the TESCO Surge Protection System for members. The TESCO Surge Protection System is installed at the meter base or breaker panel and provides the first step in whole house protection. Whole house protection is attained when this device is used along with member-purchased individual device protectors.

The TESCO surge protection system fortifies lightning surge protection for the items listed here: Tesco 2019 Covered Items

Please note that electrical appliances like those mentioned above are covered under TESCO’s warranty only if lightning induced surges come through the TESCO protected electrical connection.

The TESCO Surge Protection System installed in your meter-based/breaker panel remains the property of SVEC. The TESCO Surge Protection System is accompanied by the manufacturer’s down line repair or replacement warranty. SVEC recommends a combination of protective measures as the best way to lower your risk of damaging surges.

Because of the extensive detail in TESCO Surge Protection System’s warranty information, SVEC advises that you take an opportunity to familiarize yourself with TESCO’s documentation

For more information and warranty restrictions, call SVEC at 1-800-234-7832.  Click on the link below for warranty information.


SVEC Surge Suppression Form

TESCO Residential Warranty

TESCO Residential Warranty Submittal Process