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SVEC offers a “budget billing” option called Levelized. Each month, SVEC will average your actual billing for the current month with the previous 11 months. Your bill will vary slightly from month to month, but this “rolling average” evens out extreme highs and lows, such as the hot summer months or cold winter months.

The bill will show your kilowatt-hour consumption and the Levelized bill amount that is due. It must be paid just the same as a regular bill, on or before the late payment date.

There are several criteria that must be met to qualify for Levelized billing.  These requirements are as follows:

1. You must have had service at your current address for at least 12 months in order to calculate the ”budget” amount to bill.

2. You must have a zero balance on your account.

3. You must have satisfactory payment history (no more than 3 late payments, no delinquent notices, and no returned checks within a 12 months period of time.)

Please contact SVEC at 1-800-234-7832, or visit one of our offices, to learn more or sign up.


What charges are included in the calculation?

Only usage charges are included in the calculation.  Any one time fees are not included.

Is Levelized Billing the same as budget billing?

No.  Unlike traditional “budget billing” programs there is no “catch up” month.  Each month’s payment is virtually the same within a few dollars, with no annual settle-up.

Can I withdraw from the program at any time?

Yes.  Members must contact the Cooperative to request removal from the Plan.  Remember any outstanding credit or debit will be applied to the next billing.  Also, remember that any member who chooses to withdraw or an account is removed by the Cooperative from the program cannot reenter the Plan for at least (12) twelve months.

If I move, can I remain on the program?

A member who moves to another location can enroll in the Levelized Payment Plan after establishing twelve (12) months usage history.