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Critical Accounts Registry

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) maintains a critical account registry to identify service locations where life support equipment is in use. It is important to know where this equipment is located in the event of a planned power outage. At certain times our construction crews need to interrupt service for repairs or new construction. If we know in advance that you have life-support equipment in operation, we can contact you about planned outages. It is the goal of the cooperative to provide you with the highest quality service possible, but due to uncontrollable events (ice, snow, lightning, etc.) we cannot guarantee you electric service 100 percent of the time.

We recommend that any member with life-sustaining equipment look into buying a small generator capable of operating this important equipment. Even if you have contacted the Cooperative in the past about the equipment in your home, please fill out the form below. DO NOT WAIT until an outage to let us know you have life-supporting equipment in your home. Mail the completed form, with the physician certification, to: SVEC, P.O. Box 236, Mt. Crawford, VA 22841. You may also return the form to an SVEC district office.

Critical Accounts Registry Form