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Programs and Forms

For more information about these programs and services, please contact your local SVEC office or email us at

Eazy Pay

The SVEC Eazy Pay payment option allows the amount of your electric bill to be automatically deducted from your bank account. This optional, secure, safe and FREE service means you no longer need to write a check, go to a payment center, use a stamp, or worry about late payment.

Your account must reflect a zero balance before enrolling in Eazy Pay, modifying your Eazy Pay information, or discontinuing your participation in the program.

For more information on the program, please click here.

Load Management

A voluntary program where members allow the Cooperative to install a remotely controlled switch on their electric storage-type water heater. This allows the Cooperative to control that heater during peak times of electrical demand system-wide. Any reduction in peak demand results in a savings to the Cooperative which, in turn, are savings for the members. The program included 9,036 switches by the end of 2015. Those devices contributed $842,302 toward load-control program savings in 2015. Our wholesale power costs have been reduced by over $30 million since the program’s inception.

Load Management Brochure and Enrollment Form

Medical Disconnect Information

Members who are facing possible termination of electric service due to non-payment, and have a serious medical condition where termination of electric service could result in further disability, loss of function or death should contact the Cooperative immediately at 1-800-234-7832, or

The Cooperative will provide information about available payment arrangements, contact information for agencies that provide assistance for payment of electric bills, and a possible delay in termination of electric service per the Code of Virginia 20VAC5-330. Qualifications for the delay in service requires the execution of the Serious Medical Condition Certification Form (click on the link below for the form) by a physician, and receipt of the completed executed Form by the Cooperative. Please contact the Cooperative for additional information.

Serious Medical Condition Certification Form

Surge Suppression

Protect your motor-driven or resistance-heated electrical equipment with a TESCO Surge Protection System offered by SVEC. An electrical surge is a very brief period of high voltage, and is the most damaging of power disturbances. Surges may be caused by several things, such as lightning strikes, storms, falling tree limbs, and auto accidents.

The TESCO Surge Protection System offers protection for items such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, range/stove, dishwasher, trash compactor, sink disposal, central vacuum, security system, garage door opener, ceiling fan, room air conditioner, electric hot heating, HVAC, water softener, and others. Computers are covered, but there are other ways lightning can get to the computer. The warranty only covers if lightning comes through the electrical connection.

For more information and warranty restrictions, call SVEC, or stop by your local district office. The meter-based device remains the property of SVEC. This service is accompanied by the manufacturers down line repair or replacement warranty. Click on the link below for warranty information.

Surge Suppression Form

TESCO Residential Warranty

Third Party Notification Form

SVEC has established an authorized third party notification program. This program allows for an authorized third party to be notified in case of pending termination of electric service of an individual account. If you are interested in this program, the form that needs to be completed and returned by mail is available by clicking here. The program description and details are included as part of the form.

Levelized ‘Budget Billing’ Payment Plan

Each month, SVEC will average your actual billing for the current month with the previous 11 months. Your bill will vary slightly from month to month, but this “rolling average” evens out extreme highs and lows, such as the hot summer months or cold winter months.

For more information, click here.