Outage FAQs - Before the Storm

How do I protect appliances in my house?

A lightning strike or downed power lines can send a surge of electricity through your home, potentially damaging appliances. Computers, TVs, and other electronic equipment are expensive investments that are worth protecting from storm-related damage. Surge protectors provide a defense against power spikes and surges. Contact SVEC for more information regarding the TESCO Surge Protection System (PDF).

What about members with special medical needs?

Following severe thunder, wind, snow, or ice storms, it’s important to remember damage to SVEC’s distribution system may be extreme. In that case, it could take numerous hours, or even several days, to complete repairs. In case of severe storms, members who must have electricity should be prepared with an emergency backup plan. The plan could include arrangements to move to an alternative location, use of a portable generator, and/or installation of a battery backup on important electrical devices.

How should I prepare for outages?

SVEC suggests creating an outage preparation kit that includes a portable radio, batteries, flashlight and fully charged mobile phone (and a corded phone if you have a landline). Store this kit in a designated place so it is easy to find. Find more information on our Outage Preparedness page.