Outage FAQ - If the Power Goes Out

Is a generator safe to use when I lose power?

A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, especially in helping keep the frozen food in your refrigerator cool. But, it can also be extremely dangerous if used improperly. Please view the Generator Safety article (PDF) for more information.

Be aware that it’s against the law, and a violation of electrical codes, to connect a generator to your home’s electrical circuits without a generator transfer switch automatic-interrupt device. Otherwise, if a generator is online when electrical service is restored, it can become a major fire hazard. In addition, the improper connection of a generator to your home’s electrical circuits may endanger service crews helping to restore power in your area.

What can I do to help get my power back on?

Before calling to report an outage:

Check your home’s breaker panel (and any outdoor disconnects) to make sure the outage is not due to a tripped breaker. Call your neighbors to see if their power is off. This will help you determine if the problem exists within your home, or on SVEC lines. If you determine the problem is outside your home, call your Cooperative to report your outage. Please have the following information available when you call: account name, street address, home phone, and if you know it, the cause of the outage.

Does SVEC know I have lost electric service after a storm?

Immediately after a storm, SVEC is aware of damage to distribution circuits, power lines, and substations. However, to ensure we are also aware of your outage, please call your Cooperative anytime your power is out at (800) 234-7832. Please do not assume that others have reported the outage. By calling any time you experience an outage, you help our crews respond more efficiently and restore your service more quickly.

You may also report outages and, when available, track restoration progress in our online Outage Center and free MySVEC app for Android or the MySVEC app for iOS.