Electric Meter FAQs

How do I know my meter is accurate?

Members frequently assume there must be something wrong with their electric meter if they receive a larger-than-expected electric bill. The fact is, electric meters are very reliable devices. Before a meter is installed, we test the meter for accuracy. Upon request, Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative will test a member’s meter for accuracy for a nominal fee.

How do I know how much electricity I use?

The amount of electricity you use is measured by your meter. Your meter measures kilowatt-hours continuously the same way your car’s odometer measures miles and is read in the same fashion, from left to right.

What is a kilowatt-hour?

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit of electrical energy equal to the energy delivered by the flow of one kilowatt (1,000 watts) of electrical power for one hour. For example, a 100-watt bulb burning for 10 hours will use one kilowatt-hour of energy.