Why is SVEC doing it this way?

  • The fiber cable project was first approved by the cooperative’s Board of Directors to connect substations, communications towers and other facilities to offer a more reliable, long-term technology for the co-op and its members.
  • The idea of leasing space to ISPs while installing fiber makes strategic and economic sense to meet the needs of members.
    • Strategic: The co-op recognizes the need for broadband deployment in rural areas, and that providing the installation of fiber further incentivizes ISPs to come to the Valley. This is an additional service to our members.
    • Financial: The initial estimated cost to install the fiber network is $40 million while the cost to extend to homes would have started at $250 million.
  • SVEC serves a large, diverse territory with a range of member needs as it pertains to better internet service.
  • Available resources currently allow for the co-op to make the planned fiber investment, while maintaining our core service of safe, reliable electricity at the best possible value.