What is the fiber project timeline?

  • SVEC is working with contractors who will assist with the make-ready design for the fiber network, as well as obtain the necessary easements from the property owners along the routes. The two contractors selected are Timmons Group and Pike Engineering (Bowman Consulting Group is a subcontractor for Pike).
    • Contractors can be identified by an “SVEC Contractor” magnet on their work vehicle as well as an SVEC badge.
  • Roll out of this project will occur in segments over the next three to four years. Contractor fieldwork began in Page County and Augusta County in September 2021 in which they are within SVEC’s right-of-way, as well as making door-to-door visits to obtain updated, signed easements from the landowners, where necessary.
  • Property owners along the routes will be contacted by mail as the project progresses.
    • Impacted landowners will receive a post card in the mail from SVEC with additional information.
  • The project timeline for each locality varies based on the amount of “make-ready” work necessary.
    • Make-ready work includes SVEC’s engineers assessing the availability of poles for attachments. In many cases, there are non-electric cables and wires on co-op poles. Engineers must evaluate the structure of the poles to know whether additional attachments can be made without changes.