What changes did SVEC submit to the State Corporation Commission as part of the rate case?

An overview of the proposed changes are as follows:

  • A 2.43% overall increase among member rate classes (specific increases vary from rate class to rate class).
    • Typical-use residential members will see a 3.7% increase.
  • The basic consumer charge for single-phase residential services will increase by $5 and be set at $30. This total is factored into the overall percentage increases mentioned above.
  • Demand charge of 10 cents per kW to residential and church members.
  • Seasonal pricing for power supply service and an inclining block power supply rate for residential service.
  • New rate rider to provide optional community solar subscription service to residential members.
  • New rate rider (Schedule AS-1) to pass through a load ratio share of contract costs or savings to PC-5 members.
  • Adjusted Excess Facilities Charge applicable to Schedules B-12, LP-12, and PC-5.
  • Closing Schedule HPS-1 so all new and replacement outdoor and streetlights will be LED served under Schedule LED-2 and adjusted the LED distribution charges.
  • Seasonal members currently served under the seasonal schedule will be served under the residential schedule, Schedule AS-12.