PURPA Schedule NeoGV


Unless specifically excluded within this Schedule, all of the Cooperative's Terms and Conditions shall apply to customers taking service under this Schedule.

This Schedule is available to customers with Small Power Production or Cogeneration Facilities which qualify under Section 210 of the Public Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, and which have a total design capacity of 100 kilowatts AC nameplate or less. Power generated by the customers' facilities will be purchased by the Cooperative under this schedule. Power will be sold to the customer under the terms of the applicable rate schedule. Power generated by customers' facilities which have a total design capacity of more than 100 kW AC may be purchased by the Cooperative through separate, independently-negotiated arrangements.

This Schedule is not available to customers who (i) use any type of interruptible rate, (ii) use any type of power production or generation-inclusive rate, (iii) are enrolled in any wholesale market-based demand response or demand-side management incentive program (such as the PJM Emergency Load Response Program or Economic Load Response Program), (iv) use net energy metering service under Schedule NEM, or (v) customers who are small agricultural generators under Schedule AgGEN (should such an approved rate schedule be filed).