How does SVEC respond and/or fix blinking light reports?

There are a few ways we respond to these issues. If we can tie the blinks to data pulled from our system, the blinks can likely be explained in short order, and the member will be contacted and informed. If we can’t explain the blinks from that approach, a crew can be dispatched to the location to check connections and verify our equipment is in proper working order. In these cases, we may find a loose connection at the transformer, the meter base, etc., and the issue is resolved.

We may go to the location and find that the problem is on the members’ side and advise them to contact an electrician (it may be a breaker issue, etc.) since we do not work past the meter base. In more extreme cases, if we have exhaustively patrolled the line and found nothing and the blinks keep happening, we can install fault indicators in the area to try to narrow down the culprit on the line.