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Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) announced today its intention to construct a new office facility in Rockingham County on a portion of 18 acres of land recently purchased north of Mount Crawford.

The property sits on the northwest corner of Oakwood Drive and U.S. 11 (South Valley Pike). SVEC is currently working with its contractor, Harman Construction Inc. of Harrisonburg, and architect, Mather Architects of Harrisonburg, to finalize the design of the building and layout of the property, which will also serve as the Rockingham District Office and its headquarters. The project remains contingent upon the consideration of all necessary stakeholders, including adjacent property owners, the Rockingham County Planning Commission, and the County Board of Supervisors.

“We are celebrating 80 years of service to the Shenandoah Valley this year, and this project will further advance our commitment to the communities we serve,” SVEC President and CEO Myron Rummel said. “Our organization has grown significantly in recent years. This project addresses operational needs resulting from that growth, while also ensuring that we are properly prepared for the future to provide safe and reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost to all of our member-owners.”

In June 1936, SVEC became the first electric cooperative chartered in Virginia. The following year, the Cooperative purchased land on the eastern edge of the town of Dayton for its headquarters, serving parts of Augusta, Rockingham and Shenandoah counties. Today, that original location remains operational as the Rockingham District Office, while the Cooperative’s headquarters was moved nearly 30 years ago to Dinkel Avenue in Mount Crawford.

SVEC has experienced remarkable growth over its decades of service, highlighted by the acquisition of Allegheny Power’s Virginia territory in June 2010. SVEC added parts of Clarke, Frederick, Highland, Page, and Warren counties, and the entire city of Winchester in the acquisition, increasing the number of member-owner accounts from 37,000 to 90,000. Today, SVEC serves over 93,000 accounts throughout its service territory.

After careful consideration of a needs assessment, the Board of Directors approved a plan to relocate its Rockingham District Office and its headquarters to a new joint facility. In February, to address current and future operational needs, SVEC exercised an option it had to purchase 18 acres of property at 70 Oakwood Drive. Once complete, the building will improve operational and organizational efficiencies within the Cooperative.

Further information on the future of SVEC’s properties east of Dayton and on Dinkel Avenue in Mount Crawford will also be made available to member-owners as more definitive plans are made and action is taken.

“SVEC is committed to all of the communities we serve, by sponsoring events, awarding scholarships to high school seniors, organizing activities such as blood and food drives, visiting schools to educate youth about electrical safety, and more,” Rummel said. “Our primary role, however, is to provide safe and reliable electricity to our member-owners at the lowest possible cost. The new facility will better equip SVEC to address all of our members’ needs, both now and for many years to come.”