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We know there have been some obstacles with the postal service lately, including the late delivery of SVEC bills. No need to worry! Here are other ways that you can view or pay your balance:

  • Enroll in EZ Pay: this payment option allows the amount of your electric bill to be automatically deducted from your bank account. This optional, secure, safe and FREE service means you no longer need to write a check, go to a payment center, use a stamp, or worry about late payment.
  • Download the MySVEC App: available for both Android and iOS devices, this free mobile app allows members to view and pay their current balance (along with other great features such as reporting an outage and receiving outage restoration information).
  • Set Up an Online Account: visit and register your account to access your information, pay online or enroll in SVEC programs.
  • Call 1-800-234-7832: access your account balance and make payments over the phone.

Finally, it’s important to remember that SVEC is not disconnecting residential members for nonpayment during this time. We ask these members to pay what you can, when you can until things get back to normal. Per recent General Assembly action, nonresidential members are no longer covered by the moratorium – these members should contact the cooperative for more information on payment arrangements.

Please share this message with your neighbors if this has been an issue in your area! Stay safe and healthy as we head into the new year.