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The Board of Directors of Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) has made changes to the bylaws governing the process for nominating candidates for election to the Board.

Directors are elected each year at the annual meeting and serve four-year terms. The 2019 meeting is Thursday, June 13, at the James Madison University Convocation Center.

SVEC directors come from jurisdictions throughout the service territory; however, they represent the entire co-op membership as a Board member.


Previous Nominating Method

Until the changes were approved, the process started with a nominating committee – appointed by the Board – that selected two people to run for each director seat up for election. One of the two could be a director seeking re-election.

For anyone who wished to run for the Board, but who was not selected by the nominating committee, he or she was required to submit a petition with 250 signatures at least 20 days before that year’s annual meeting.


What are the changes?

  1. Contested elections – at least two candidates vying for one seat – are no longer required.
  2. The nominating committee will nominate a single candidate for each open seat, whether it’s the incumbent or another member.
  3. The number of signatures for petitions decreases from 250 to 50, for people who are not selected by the nominating committee. Petitions are still due 20 days before annual meeting (May 17 for 2019), or by April 8 to ensure the candidate’s name appears in all publications.

Why make the changes?

  • By making the petition nomination route easier (the result of lowering the supporting members required from 250 to 50, an 80% reduction), any member who seriously desires to be a candidate should be able to gain ballot access.
  • However, obtaining 50 account holder signatures is not an easy task and would presumably be enough to prevent a member with little support from placing his/her name on the ballot.
  • The Cooperative’s current 250-signature requirement for a candidate to submit his/her name by nominating petition was sometimes viewed by our peers as excessive.
  • With the change to stop mandatory contested elections, comes an easier path for a member to have his/her name on the ballot.

Who is up for election in 2019?

The 2019 Nominating Committee met on April 8 and elected the following slate of nominees (*indicates incumbent; **indicates Nominating Committee nominee; ***indicates petition nominee):


David E. Ferguson*,**            Jerry Dofflemyer***


Conrad A. Helsley**


William (Bill) A. Orndoff*,**     Thomas D. Stamulis***


Robbie F. Marchant*, **

How to Obtain a Petition to Run for Board of Directors

If a member wishes to submit a petition, information is available from Dale Davenport at (540)-433-2444 and due May 17 by sending it back to Davenport at:

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative, c/o Dale Davenport, P.O. Box 236, Mount Crawford, VA 22841

To guarantee that your name appears in all co-op printed materials, the petition deadline was April 8. The absolute latest deadline is May 17, but please know you may appear in all publications leading up to annual meeting, including Cooperative Living magazine and the official newsletter.

Nominating Committee

Anyone interested in running for the Board can also get more information from the following people:

Members from Frederick/Clarke Counties

Ruth Boden, 3026 Woodside Road, Clear Brook, VA  22624

Tammara Canfield, 161 Forgotten Lane, Clear Brook, VA  22624

Members from Page County

Judy Bell, 387 Leaksville Road, Luray, VA  22835

William Fisher, 9 S Hawksbill Street, Luray, VA  22835

Members from City of Winchester

David A. Chandler, 1061 Breckinridge Lane, Winchester, VA  22601

Laura J. Stokes, 511 S. Stewart Street, Winchester, VA  22601

Members from Shenandoah County

Chris Boies, PO. Box 542, Strasburg, VA  22657

James W. Winkfield, Jr., 494 Varghese Drive, Strasburg, VA  22657