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To our members in Rockingham County just east of Harrisonburg, including the Keezletown area and Battlefield Estates subdivision, we want to provide additional information on recent service interruptions, including one Tuesday morning, Dec. 11. Your area is served by our Dayton Substation, with overhead lines carrying electricity until Reservoir Street, where it then goes underground. From there to the end of the circuit, near Layman Trestle Road, electricity is distributed mostly through underground cable. It is this run of underground cable that has caused localized outages in recent months. We are aware of persistent issues affecting your service that have been caused by this poor span of cable and are working toward a goal of replacing it over the next two years. Once complete, the new underground cable is expected to lessen outages in your area. Given the length of cable that needs to be replaced and the terrain crews must work in, the project represents a major undertaking. We appreciate your patience through this process as we work toward improving service in your area.

As we make progress toward complete replacement, please understand outages caused by faults in the old underground cable may occur. These outages, in some cases, may take longer to restore because crews must test sections of underground cable to identify exact locations of the issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Additionally, including work today (Dec. 11), please be aware that blinking lights may occur as crews work to fix cable. Blinking is normal under these circumstances and is an indication that our facilities are properly functioning.