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This message is from Tony Dean, SVEC’s manager of district operations. For more information, please contact a field engineering representative by calling (800) 234-7832.

We want to inform you of a recent change to Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative’s (SVEC) line extension policy in the cooperative’s Terms and Conditions for Providing Electric Service. This change affects the amount of the cooperative’s investment for utility line extensions to properties planned and developing subdivisions that will be served by SVEC.

The purpose of the change to our Terms and Conditions at this time is to better reflect the cooperative’s business practices. It will affect all new subdivisions that are not already registered with SVEC as of March 1, 2019.

SVEC encourages you to contact the local field engineering representative at (800) 234-7832 in your district to ensure you know how this will affect any new project you are planning. We want to assist you in advance of beginning a project to ensure you are aware of the cost and practice of line extension prior to your committing or beginning your development projects.

Previously, SVEC’s line extension policy had potential to shift the expense of building line extensions to other members, which is not analogous with cooperative business model practices. Presently, our line extension costs are based on the estimated annual distribution delivery revenue.

At the cooperative’s discretion, for extension of facilities related to future development, a line extension deposit based on the calculated investment may be required to extend service. Some of this extension deposit may be refundable based on the actual build taking place.

The cumulative total of the overall developer’s refunds can never exceed the amount prepaid prior to construction by the developer.

To review this policy in its entirety, and for the remaining stipulations of the practice changes, please contact your local field engineering representative by calling (800)234-7832, click here or on the image below or visit the district office near you to pick up a copy of our 2019 Terms and Conditions. SVEC is here to assist you in being fully informed of the shared cost of line extension contribution prior to your commitment to project expenses.